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 GEOREPS specializes in direct-hire recruiting for experienced GEOSPATIAL-INTELLIGENCE and IT/ENGINEERING personnel supporting the GEOINT and greater INTELLIGENCE community.  When a Connector refers a Candidate, both get rewarded!

  Referral Based Recruiting  
GEOREPS was founded by Geospatial Professionals with the idea that industry professionals should be rewarded for “Who they know”. GEOREPS harnesses the power of the community within the GEOINT,  GEOSPATIAL IT, and INTEL COMMUNITY.  When a Connector refers a Candidate for a position listed on GEOREPS, both split the referral reward!
  Hiring Managers and Recruiters  
As a Recruiter or Hiring Manager, you can never know too many people. It’s all about connections and who you know. GEOREPS has the solution for putting your company in contact with everyone in the GEOINT, GEOSPATIAL IT, and INTEL COMMUNITY. GEOREPS uses the power of the community to find your perfect candidate and to fulfill your staffing needs.
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GEOREPS recruits skilled GEOINT, Geospatial, GIS & Intelligence professionals throughout the United States.

Our Goal:
1. Provide the Geospatial and Intelligence workforce great job opportunities.  We want to give back to the GEOINT Community!
2. Provide highly qualified personnel to companies that support commercial geospatial efforts, US Military and the Intelligence Community.
3. Provide rewards to the GEOINT and Intelligence Community for referring their friends, colleagues and family to GEOREPS!
4. For each successful referral, Candidates and Connectors will share the reward.

Get Paid For Who You Know!!

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